About Michele

About Michele

MICHELE CLARKSON is a nationally acclaimed sex therapist who shares wisdom and guidance through her private practice as well as public appearances on television and radio. A holistic clinical psychotherapist, she takes the intricate subject of sexuality and makes it easily accessible, comprehensible and comfortable.

A spiritual background in Buddhism seasons her work with love, compassion and a gentle spirit. Michele has plumbed life’s depth, heights and shoals. She is an evolved spirit, at one with the flow of life.

Michele is a teacher, practitioner, holistic healer, and leader in the spiritual sexuality community. She trained with such eminent pioneers as Masters & Johnson, Dr. Lonnie Barbach, Dr. Beverly Whipple and Margot Anand. Her professional expertise includes sexual health, women’s sexuality, couples coaching, body psychology and sacred sexuality.

In private practice, Michele focuses on couples and their “Dance” to create intimacy, while attending to self-care. She teaches clients to deepen their connection through meditation, Tantra and sacred sexuality, attending to the “internal beloved.”

In addition to Michele’s professional accomplishments, she also has an impressive academic background. She obtained her MSW from the University of Washington, Seattle. On a national level she is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist/Supervisor and was Chair, Supervisor Certification Committee.

Emphasizing sexual health, Michele espouses the World Health Organization (WHO) definition as adopted by AASECT. “Sexual health is the experience of the ongoing process of physical, psychological and socio-cultural well-being related to sexuality.” She encourages the “free and responsible expression” of sexually healthy relationships and affirms that the “sexual rights of all persons be respected, protected and fulfilled.”

Balancing her professional life, Michele enjoys her family, Buddhist studies, gardening, yoga, meditation, dance, reading and travel.

Michele Clarkson, MSW

Michele Clarkson, M.S.W.
Phone Number: 480-600-1518