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Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is the treatment of sexual dysfunction, such as non-consummation, premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, low libido, unwanted sexual fetishes, sexual addiction, painful sex or lack of sexual confidence, assisting people who are recovering from sexual assault, problems commonly caused by stress, tiredness and other environmental and relationship factors. Sex therapists assist those experiencing [...]

Media History

Media History Michele is available for television, radio, magazine, and newspaper interviews. Featured Video and Related Article: 5 reasons men cheat and 4 signs your partner mightbe cheating – Good Morning Arizona Interview by Catherine Hollandazfamily.comPosted on May 19, 2011 at 8:07 AMUpdated Thursday, May 19 at 8:08 AM PHOENIX – The recent revelation that [...]

Michele Clarkson, MSW

Michele Clarkson, M.S.W.
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