¶ “Michele is an experienced and well-known therapist in the Phoenix Valley. She is also very involved at the national level with her specialty of sexuality counseling. I have known her for 5 years and would recommend her to anyone with a need for her expertise. She is professional, confidential, compassionate, and talented. You will not be disappointed. I refer my clients to her without hesitation.”
    ~ Judith Ingalls, MD / Carefree, Arizona and Telluride, Colorado

¶ “Michele Clarkson is a professional with skills and abilities that are nothing short of miraculous. Her ethics and integrity are impeccable. She truly has a gift of intuitively relating to people. Her insight, knowledge, and skills in communicating compassionately with me was magnificent and my life and heart will forever be touched by the blessing of her friendship and professional expertise! The World is a better place for having ‘Earth Angels’ like Michele among us!
  Angel Hugs and Blessings,”
    ~ Karen / Mesa, Arizona

¶ “Michele impresses me with her great integrity. She walks her talk with compassion and is so seasoned in her practice and with such great credentials. Whomever she touches in her life is a better person for it.”
    ~ Beverly / Fountain Hills, Arizona

¶ “Michele’s wisdom, caring, and enthusiasm make her a wonderful therapist. She offers sturdy compassion, steady encouragement, and real insight. I always feel confident when I refer clients to Michele, whether for general counseling, sex therapy, or guidance during a crisis. I would trust Michele with the care of my own family.”
    ~ Vena Blanchard, DHS / Southern California Sexuality Counseling Center

¶ “If you want to establish a super loving, long-lasting relationship with someone you love, look no further than Michele Clarkson. She knows what it takes and can guide you on how to establish and keep a meaningful romance. This is coming from a couple who have been together for over forty years.”
    ~ Alan and Robin / Fountain Hills, Arizona

¶ “Michele is a highly skilled and kind professional who compassionately took me through difficult, scary emotional territory. She has a deep knowledge of sexuality and brings years of experience and wisdom to her work.”
    ~ Judith / Phoenix, Arizona

Michele Clarkson, MSW

Michele Clarkson, M.S.W.
Phone Number: 480-600-1518